It was a long, long time

Hi! It was a long, long, long time since my last post.
My life came a really busy :| my new job is amazing and I'm happy :D
But I missed all my livejuornal thing.

I really want to be back BUT my lj editor doesn't work... WHY?????
I'm so sad, is there anyone who can help me?

thankyou ^^
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LOTR: Eowyn happyness

Just to tell: I'm alive

Hi guys,
I'm so sorry for this LONG LONG hiatus, but some things in my life are chagin' really fast.
I find a job, a REALLY amazing job *__* ok it's just an internship but they confirmed me for other 3 months (3+3) so I'll stay there until April and I'm so damn happy. So now I work in a Communication / Public Relation / Event Management - Office and it's so DAMN AMAZING!!!!

BTW my Social Life is going to 0 XD XD XD but i'ts ok for now (= I'll died spinster in  a house full of cats XD)


Monday the hiatus for House will be over: THANKS! I miss all of theme ç_____ç
I didn't like The Rocky Horror Glee Show...seariously? WTF. Glee, I'm sorry but you can't deal with the amazin THE ROCKY HORROR (period)
Bones is getting bored O___o but I love Angela/Hodgins thing so I didn't stop to watch it. Even The Big Bang Theory bored me a little bit... but i love those nerds to much ;) and I just jump out of bed when Leonard speak about Mulder and Scully *squeeeee*
Modern Family, Cougar Town, Community are WONDERFULL *____*
and OMG I LOVE HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER ... this season is kind of amazing! And I love JMo carachter *__* Go Zoey!!! Yeah I think I can ship Ted with her *___*
SNL is amazing too. as always! =) seth meyers > all

Tonight I'm going to wacth the pilot of  The Walking Dead... I'm so curious about it!

And tell me somthing about you! How is it going?



House MD. Huddy [bed.time]

Who cares about common?

FIRST: Jane Lynch on SNL was so AMAZING
and the weekend update *__* the Mark Zuckerberg/The Social Network sketch LMAO, OH
do you think Aaron Sorkin didn't mention The West Wing on dates?

It's a long time since my last wall.... and it is so damn TIME ;)
ok I'm out of practice with ps... REALLY O__O it makes me freak out several times ç___ç
and I'm over emotional these days (my NOT beloved ovaries GIVE ME A BREAK, really!) so I cry a little bit xD
how much I love theme? I can't explain ...

Another wall... I loved Cameron, yeah just only the last seasons but in season five I love her so much, and I'm agree that as carachter her storyline was at one end-point but I miss her, sometimes... I miss the blonde-withChase-Cameron xD ... BTW I'm really happy for Jen Morrison role in HIMYM

House MD: Huddy [nothing]

Made of perfection.

Who cares about common? Common is boring
. It’s… common.
I like being with you. You make me better. Hopefully I make you better.
What we have is.. uncommon. And I’ve never been happier.

Just to tell: P E R F E C T I O N
this is the reason I love them the most. the reason why they're my one shipper.
n o r m a l   i s   o v e r r a t e d
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SNL: Seth/Amy pic


And I just made icons...again ;)
It was a long time :( and I AM NOT ABLE TO DO IT ANYMORE O______o REALLY!!!!!
Btw I spent last weekend at my parents house. it was very very lovely and I'm so happy to share some time with my family, I miss all of theme so much :****
Today I watched SNL PREMIER 
AMY POEHLER FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
All premiers last week were so sweet and lovely (maybe TBBT just a little BIT boring...)
And for toninght ... good 7x02 to all my housian friends.

Few icons...like I said I can't to do it anymore xD

House - 7x01
Tv Guide Photoshoot - Hugh Laurie / Lisa Edelstein
House/It's Complicated - Hugh Laurie/ Alec Baldwin
Glee - 2x01
SNL - 36x01 Hosting Amy Poehler

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House MD: Huddy PROMO *sweet*

Now what?

I have 1000 things to say about this premiere...a lot, a lot of things.
It was so damn PERFECT, this is the way I always feel House&Cuddy, the way I love theme the most.
And for all the people who dislike the episode... maybe we've seen two different show for six years, 'cause it was not a traditional episode but they're IC totally.

Cuddy loves House
House loves Cuddy

...and they're amazing


Love, Eowyn
Crossover - AR/HC [bsg-house] - kiss (ab

It's a mainships kind of thing

Aw. did you see the last promo???
OH GOD I can't wait   ♥ ♥ ♥

Life sucks :| I'm reallt tired and scared and I really want to go back to university when my problems were exams ... it was just the best time of my life. I loved be at university and I was a student for most of my life ... I don't who I am NOW.

BTW since I watched the promo I'm thinkg about THAT
My mainships, I'm so proud of theme LMAO
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Hugh Laurie /Lisa Edelstein - You found

Sunday & Picspam

Lovely sunday, my parents came to visit me. I cook lunch for theme and it was so nice have theme here ... sometimes I forgot how much I love my crazy family :***

And a weird picspam for today... REAL PARINGS.  Not all of theme are real couple... but you know xD

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Bones: A/H kiss


I'm in LOVE with BBC
I'm so DAMN in love with NBC



I suppose that Fox maybe loves me even if I hate Fox News xD