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Who cares about common?

FIRST: Jane Lynch on SNL was so AMAZING
and the weekend update *__* the Mark Zuckerberg/The Social Network sketch LMAO, OH
do you think Aaron Sorkin didn't mention The West Wing on dates?

It's a long time since my last wall.... and it is so damn TIME ;)
ok I'm out of practice with ps... REALLY O__O it makes me freak out several times ç___ç
and I'm over emotional these days (my NOT beloved ovaries GIVE ME A BREAK, really!) so I cry a little bit xD
how much I love theme? I can't explain ...

Another wall... I loved Cameron, yeah just only the last seasons but in season five I love her so much, and I'm agree that as carachter her storyline was at one end-point but I miss her, sometimes... I miss the blonde-withChase-Cameron xD ... BTW I'm really happy for Jen Morrison role in HIMYM

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